Hey there, it's Ine!

Feel it, Create it ⸻

A life full of creating

Photography has always let me express how I see the World, how I see you, and how you express your own love language. It works for people, brands, or even products because we all express ourselves in our love language when we pursue and live something with passion.

My name is Inés Álvarez Fdez, a Spanish adventurer and photographer with a big desire to capture moments, details, feelings, and everything we would love to keep saved forever.

My passion for the outdoors has led me to feel nature in a completely different way, and then I used those feelings to start capturing people as they truly are, if you are open to feeling the camera, the camera will feel you too. I love the imperfections, the scars that craft our inner World, and how we express it through our bodies.

It’s been a full journey of self-development and inner work that lets me now connect with every one of my projects, a true empathy-driven photography that makes you feel safe, worthy, and seen.

Made with love ⸻

⩪ Love to see your soul one picture at a time

You will find me in the mountains, searching the North, or enjoying the tropical side of the World.

I am a former industrial engineer, but my passion for creating stopped me early to join the corporate world, so I started helping brands and people to develop and show themselves in the digital field.

After creating my own creative studio, and my own travel agency, I am now leading projects all over the world, photography trips, and campaigns focused on what I consider “holistic marketing-driven content”, another type of creating with a special focus on the different channels, aspects, or uses for every piece of content.

Capturing people, inner work, and self-development is now one of my main goals, I choose every project carefully to be aligned with what I feel, and I hope you will become one of those.

Drop me a letter and let’s start creating 🤩

With big & deep love,Ine