Asturias Winter Series

A deep and intimate look to the roots, to where we all come from, welcome to Asturias.

I was born in the mountains, I have a deep connection to every peak, I talk, rely on, and guide myself through them. This is a story about someone who traveled and searched the mountains all around the World but always came back to the same place to find her peace, to shut up everything else but the sounds of nature.

Stillness & Chaos

I love to feel how the whites make so many shadows, textures, and colors when the light changes. It is amazing to experience the power of nature during the winter, the way it changes every day, even on the same day the mountains bring you one vibe in the morning and so many changes at the end of the day.

The term PowwPic was just created because of it, by joining the words Powder and Pictures, I adopted it many years ago after being mesmerized every winter with those views.


Asturias, Spain


2016 - 2024


Landscape & Sports

Let the lights guide you

This gallery will never stop growing, you can find in my Journal some different perspectives to what I introduced here as my selected mountains shots taken in Asturias. This small region in the north of Spain has low peaks, any of them above 2.500 meters, but when the conditions create some good and recent snow, you can enjoy them as much as other famous mountains in the French Alps, Switzerland, or any other place around the World.